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    I am in process of designing a company survey application. The application will consist of approximately 6 individual surveys.I would like to maintain each employee&#039s survey responses until the last survey is completed, and then present a review of the employees responses prior to committing the results to a data base. My question is, how many characters large can/should a cookie be? Each survey has a potential of 1,575 characters in responses or 9,450 characters for all six surveys. Is this size out of proportion to how a cookie should be used?

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    Out of proportion to how a cookie should be used? Very much so.<BR><BR>Whenever a vistor arrives at your web site, any cookies your site has placed on their browser will be sent to your server, *regardless of whether you want them or not*. (And it sounds like you generally don&#039t.) Given that you&#039re talking about almost 10K of information *per user*, I would strongly advise against using cookies in that manner.<BR><BR>What I would advise is that each employee be given an id cookie ("Congrats, you&#039re now employee THX1138...") and then build a file using a similar name with their responses in it. These can be added to after each survey without any problems and you&#039re not shipping an extra 10KB of information [some people can put whole pages in under 5KB] up and down your wires.<BR><BR>Okay, I&#039m not being completely honest -- I&#039d recommend putting it in your database from the beginning and updating it and tending to it there because it&#039s clean and easy and the way a lovely database should be used. But you said you didn&#039t want that, so I&#039d suggest using the FileSystemObject and writing the responses to disk.<BR><BR>HiH.

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