The following 10 lines of ASP is trying to write the word "hello" to a cell in a blank spreadsheet. The spreadsheet exists. The Excel file is in the correct location. I&#039m running IIS 5.0 with Excel 2000 on Windows 2000. Why the heck won&#039t this work????????????????? Are there special ASP headers I need to include? Are there specific IIS settings I need to check for?<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>dim oExcel, oWkbks, oWkbk, oWkSheet<BR><BR>Set oExcel = Server.CreateObject("Excel.Application")<BR>Set oWkbks = oExcel.Workbooks<BR>Set oWkbk = oWkbks.Open("c:inetpubwwwrootjlordexample st.xls", False, True)<BR>Set oWkSheet = oWkbk.Worksheets("sheet1")<BR><BR>oWkSheet.Cells(1 , 1).Value = "hello"<BR><BR>oWkbks.Close<BR>oWkbk.Close<BR>oExc el.Quit<BR>%&#062;