Thank you for taking the time to answer. Just a few simple questoins:<BR><BR>Ok, our linux server now is the priority (ugh) and we will want to get the nt up. We CANNOT figure out how to register the nameserver, and register the domains and add the ip to them to host on our nt server.<BR><BR>Can we have a domain from another host point to our EXISTING ip/nameserver and put THAT info in our wizard for NT and then just type a domain, give an ip, and it&#039ll be ready to host?<BR><BR>We have a book on it, and will check it out, but is it really hard to set a domain up. We ARE setting up domains with linux, how do we just do that with nt?<BR><BR>Is it walk though? The heads of this company were having a hard time with it. <BR><BR>Can we enter the same nameserver/ip when transfering a domain and use that on our nt, or ONLY linux?<BR><BR>Thanks. Basically, I JUST WANT TO HOST WITH NT. :D