I need to carry over the value of the CourseID similar to the way the chkCheck and txtHoursEntered are being carried over to the processing form. I am not sure how to request the data for CourseID on the other side however... How? Below I will also list the code I have for requesting the other 2 user entered FORM variables.<BR><BR>sCheckBoxName = "chkCheck" & iRowCounter<BR>sApplyHours = "txtHoursEntered" & iRowCounter<BR>sCourseID = rs("CourseID") & iRowCounter <BR><BR>&#039Check each line of the calling form for a checked checkbox (it&#039ll have a non-null value).<BR>&#039If found, update that record in tblSubscriberRequirements.<BR>&#039 I also need to grab the valus of CourseID somehow...<BR> For i = 1 To Request.Form("NumberOfRows")<BR> sTempStr = "chkCheck" & i<BR> If Request.Form(sTempStr) &#060;&#062; "" Then<BR> sHoursEntered = "txtHoursEntered" & i<BR> If sHoursEntered = "" Then<BR> fHoursEntered = 0<BR> Else<BR> fHoursEntered = Request.Form(sHoursEntered)<BR> End If<BR> fTotalHoursEntered = fTotalHoursEntered + CSng(fHoursEntered)<BR> End If<BR> Next