I&#039m converting an Access system to ASP. The system generates reports in the following manner: <BR><BR>1) It queries a huge table (of sales order details) to get records of a certain date range, product type, etc. and groups the records by product code. This data is then written to a temporary table (in the Access db.) It is written to a table because the original order detail table is in an Informix system - the Access system uses linked tables - and the connection is slow (I think it is a 128kbs leased line). The temp table allows additional reports to be run without having to re-run the select query.<BR><BR>2) The Access report uses a crosstab query on the temp table to summarize sales information by months (as column headings) and products (as row headings). <BR><BR>My question is: Can I create a recordset instead of the temp table and run the crosstab query on the recordset? If so, how? Will the crosstab query be a second recordset? I think I&#039m ok with the SQL statements for the queries but I just need help with the mechanics of creating a recordset from a recordset. Also, how can I optimize performance for something like this. The Access system can take up to 5 minutes to create a report if the date range is over about 8 months, even when all the tables are on the local hard drive.<BR>Thanks!!!!