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Thread: Cool view for <IMG> tag. How to ....

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    BAHEK Guest

    Default Cool view for <IMG> tag. How to ....

    On some sites you can see the black background where the images supposed to be when you load the page (instead of usual white one). It looks very nice.<BR>I was trying to find how to do that, but have no luck.<BR>Anybody,please.

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    MG Guest

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    You will need a table with the image name/location (images/image.gif) and a field that tells you if it is designd for black or which background.<BR><BR>Ex:<BR>Id IMG Bkgrd<BR>1 images/image1.gif white<BR>2 images/image2.gif black<BR>....<BR><BR>Then in your code, create a table that has a black background and run an sql statement like "Select * from table where Bkgrd = &#039black&#039"<BR><BR>loop thru all records and then finish the table &#060;/table&#062;. <BR><BR>Then you can create a new table with a white background and run the same code except change the where statement to &#039white&#039<BR><BR>hope this helps.

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    BAHEK Guest

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    Thanks!<BR>I was talking on HTML level, and the ASP aspect wasn&#039t necessary.<BR>But you gave me the answer - thanks again! ;-)

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