I have a table that I enter in Course work.<BR>I have another table I enter Requirments.<BR>When it is time to apply coursework to requirements I want to take the fldAutoID field of tblCourseWork and insert into fldAppliedCourses in tblRequirements<BR><BR>If a Requirement takes 30 Credits and a course is 10 credits I will have to populate fldAppliedCourses with as many course AutoId&#039s as it took to fulfill all the required credits.<BR><BR>What is the best datatype (using Access2000 and SQL Server) for allowing multiple AutoId&#039s to be entered into this tables column?<BR><BR>And how will I keep the id&#039s seperate in the database field?<BR><BR>ie. 123456, 234567, and 345678 were used to complete this requirment.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Daniel