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    I’m finding that when accessing an IIS server on our corporate LAN via a proxy server, a second user connecting to the server gets the same SessionId as the first user, and therefore the same session variables. When I access the server without using the proxy server each user gets their own session.<BR>Anyone else had/solved this problem?<BR><BR>Does anyone know how IIS knows that ‘this’ client request should get a new session. Is it down to the absence of an HTTP_COOKIE header in the request?<BR><BR>I’m using IIS4.0 and IE 4.0. The asp pages include the “don’t cache” code <BR>Response.CacheControl="private" <BR>Response.Expires=0<BR><BR>I’m told the network includes a product called WebSweeper.<BR>

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    I had a similar problem. A lot of people at my old job had bands on Whenever person A was on the site checking their stats, everyone else would get person A&#039s admin panel.<BR>It has to do with the proxy server. All access is basically coming from the same IP address. If they have a cache server, or the cache server option turned on, then that only makes the problem worse. <BR>I would reccommend using an alternate method on top of (or in place of) the session variable. You know what they say: Session variables = bad.<BR><BR>Erick<BR>

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