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    I need to create an application, that contains mostly static fields, for a couple of the fields, however, I need to be able to store multiple values. the problem is that the multi valued fields will be added by the applicant and need to be stored by us before they are actually written to the database.<BR>in other words, in the application, there will be a couple of text boxes that take in dates, these dates are then submitted and the page should refresh displaying all inputed dates for this field below the text boxes in a table. then later on, when the application is submitted i need to be able to insert all the contents of the table, any ideas would be greatly appreciated as i am really stuck on this one...

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    Default multiple info chunks, one submit...

    Take a look at <BR><BR><BR>My scheme for doing something quite similar to what you are asking, I think. <BR><BR>You could do the display like I did (using a &#060;TEXTAREA...&#062;) or you could do it with multiple &#060;INPUT Type=Text...&#062; fields. In either case, you protect against the idiot user making changes to the data via an <BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;onFo cus="this.blur()" <BR>event handler.<BR>

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    Default The Mighty Bill W.

    What would we do without you??? thanks a bunch

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