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    I am setting up a site that takes orders via a form, then goes to an order confirmation page. If the user decides that the order information is correct, they click the submit button. From here, the results of the form are emailed to me, and I can process the order. However, it seems that any values that are entered in the form that contain spaces get truncated after the first space. I have tried using the Replace() function to replace all spaces with a comma: Replace(string, " ", ","). Still, I am having no luck. Also, one of the fields gets sent in the email 3 times...(it looks like this): Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe Smith. I have ensured that I am only writing it once, but it is still doing it.<BR><BR>Could it be something with the SMTP service? Should I try to stop it and restart to try and "clear" it?<BR><BR>Any thoughts or comments will be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>JOHN

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    Hi John,<BR><BR>The good news is youre getting email. Therefore CDO is doing its<BR>job.<BR>The bad news is that the info in the email is buggy.<BR><BR>my solution is to check and re check your code, especially<BR>when youre building the body text of the message. Test and re-test and this should be fine. If youre worried, stop-start the SMTP service. With Microsoft, you NEVER KNOW !!!<BR><BR>l8r,<BR><BR>IQ<BR>

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