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    Lila Guest

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    I want to display a jpg image from an MS-Access (eventually Oracle) database. I have been using the sample code from the "Displaying Images that Reside in a Database" article. Instead of getting an image - I get an icon and no image.<BR><BR>Could the following be an issue in getting the image to display?<BR>When resolving a content type, in my case image/jpeg, where must the MIME be properly defined? <BR>1) Our server defines image/jpeg for IE, <BR>2) my browser is Netscape and when I go into Netscape Preferences it shows image/jpeg for both IE and Netscape,<BR>3) however when I look at my desktop it only shows IE.<BR>

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    Lila Guest

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    I found out that MS-Access OLE puts headers in the object. Therefore, the object is no longer vanilla jpeg (or whatever file type).

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    nofx Guest

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    I had to do something like that befor aswell i found the best way to do that is to not put the actul image in the datadase rather put part of the link to it. so make the image field an normal text field. and put something like this in the field.<BR>/images/004dog.gif<BR><BR>then make sure your images are in the images dir. and in your asp<BR>hav something like this &#060;img src="&#060;% response.write rstemp("image") %&#062;" alt="&#060;img src="&#060;% response.write rstemp("alt") %&#062;" <BR><BR>depending on how u access your database.

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