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    Dana Lynn Guest

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    Well, I must thank anyone in advance for even reading this thread. :)<BR><BR>I run a large, educational game geared for children (although people of all ages play) in which members buy, breed, sell, etc SIM horses. We currently are running a flat-file database (managed by DBman, by Gossamer-Threads, written in Perl) to manage the thousands of registered horses. You can see an example if interested by visiting Problem is, the database is fast approaching 2 MB, and as you probably know, this is quite large for flat-file. I have been thinking of switching the records to an Access database and using ASP to manage them over the web, but I have a few questions.<BR><BR>I am not familiar with ASP or Access (I have read and understand most parts to do with databases), but one thing is nagging at me. Is it possible to have a search type as powerful as the one DBman offers? I want members to be able to search the database based on one, any, or all of the fields. For instance, to enter criteria into the NAME, COLOR, and DAM fields, search, and then have all matching records show. I have yet to see any ASP searches like this, and just want to know if they are out there/can be done before I switch my db to Access.<BR><BR>I was also wondering if its possible to implement a type of "my page" area in the site based on Access files - ie; user logs in, clicks on link to their area, and the script pulls up a list of horses owned by said person.<BR><BR>I&#039m sure it&#039s all possible, but I am completely ignorant to the world of ASP, lol. <BR><BR>Lastly, I am looking into some type of online banking script for the game. I have been considering Perl, since this is what I am familiar with, but am now very interested in having it implemented with ASP instead. The script would be somewhat complex, of course, but there would be no need for any type of encryption or difficult security features, since it would be for the game, and nothing real, but is there anyone out there that could possibly program such a thing for a reasonable rate? Since the game is non-profit, I obvously don&#039t make any money from it, and it&#039s hard for me to justify spending more than I already do on it, lol. Well, I think I&#039ve rambled enough. If you can help me out any, or are possibly interested in writing a bank script for a reasonable rate, please reply or contact me for details on it. Thank you again!<BR>

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    Ritesh Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>You really appeal to me.<BR>Do write to me the details at:<BR><BR>I&#039m sure it all can be done in asp.<BR><BR>

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