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    When trying to update info in a field where ItemID = "number from form", My ASP page simply places the updated info into a NEW field with the next available ItemID.<BR><BR>ItemID is my primary key and therefore allows no duplicates. However, I thought the update command would overwrite the changed information while leaving the ItemID alone.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated,<BR>JC

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    Default UPDATE in *any* kind of SQL

    Show your code.<BR><BR>What are you doing?<BR><BR>Your SQL should look something like:<BR><BR>SQL = "UPDATE tablename SET (fieldname=newvalue) WHERE ItemID = " & numFromForm<BR><BR>You can, of course, set several new field values in a single statement. I can&#039t remember off the top of my head whether the parens around the fieldname/value combos are needed. <BR><BR><BR>

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