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    Dees anyone know a way that new entries to a textbased database will be inserted in the beginning - and not appending in the end?<BR>Thanks for your HELP<BR>Erich

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    If you mean physically inserted into the beginning of the file, you could:<BR><BR>a) Read the entire text file into a var, then overwrite the text file, starting with the new &#039records&#039, followed by what you have in the var, or<BR>b) Create a new file, write the new &#039records&#039, then write the complete contents of your original file, then delete your original file, then rename the new file to the original<BR><BR>Both of these would require some good error handling so as not to lose the entire file (say, in the event of a full disk, write error, power outage, etc.)<BR><BR>

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