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    Dummont Louis Guest

    Default Formating Date in Other languages

    I would like to have a script allowing me to insert a date in other language (i.e. French,german).<BR>the way i&#039m used to :<BR>&#060;%= FormatDateTime(Date, 1) %&#062; returns: Sunday, August 13, 2000 <BR>returns the date in english.<BR>Thanks for your help.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    lagerBoy Guest

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    When you say that you "would like to insert a date i a other language", where are you wanting to insert it to?<BR><BR>In sheer terms of output to screen, you could use Session.LCID, which is the session locale identifier. It dictates the output formatting for local time, currency etc.<BR><BR>I&#039m not too sure where you get a full listing of LCID&#039s, they&#039re not in MSDN library by the way.<BR><BR>The format for using Session.LCID is:<BR><BR> Session.LCID = 3073<BR><BR> Response.Write "The time format for Egypt is:" & Now & "."<BR><BR> Session.LCID = 1033<BR><BR> Response.Write "The time format for US is:" & Now & "."<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default doesn't work on my NT machine

    It doesn&#039t work on my NT machine but it does on the machines from my provider.<BR><BR>What am I doing wrong?

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