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    Sanchan Guest

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    Hello:<BR>I know you&#039ve this same question a million of times but I can&#039t figure it out myself so I&#039m asking for help...<BR><BR>I have asp files on my desktop, PWS is running normally and I can&#039t figure out the exact path to use!!!<BR><BR>The personal web manager tells me that the path to use is <BR>http://myname then if I look at the location with windows explorer I see that the files are under <BR><BR>C:inetpubscriptsdefault.asp<BR><BR>Therefo re what is the exact path to use. I have tried everything and either IE (5.0) and Netscape want to dial up my isp.<BR><BR>What to do? If I am not able to test my pages I can&#039t test my knowledge!!!!<BR><BR>Sorry for the stupid question<BR><BR>Thanks/regards<BR>S.

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    Ravikiran Guest

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    Hi,<BR>Save u&#039r files in the default directory "c:inetpub/wwwroot" and then in the browser location type "http://localhost/filename.asp" then u&#039r asp page works.U have to use HTTP to run an asp page.If u&#039r files are saved in some other directory then go to the administration of the PWs and create a virtual directory (the directory in which u saved u&#039r asp files.)<BR>hope this solves u&#039r problem.<BR>rkmuvva

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    Sanchan Guest

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    Ravikaran:<BR><BR>Thanks for your help. I feel so stupid but as I said I am a totally beginner...<BR><BR>Thanks/regards<BR>S.

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