Question: Printing from a Web Page so that the bottom part is not cut off

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Thread: Question: Printing from a Web Page so that the bottom part is not cut off

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    Jeff Lowry Guest

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    My ISP doesn&#039t support an ASP mailer. I&#039m trying to use a CGI form mailer. Problem is they only seem to send 1 email per form submit. I need to send 3 different emails when a form gets submitted. Any ideas on working with HTML and ASP using a CGI form mailer? Thanks,

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    Norman King Guest

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    You might want to use the Outlook object to send mail and run it from a script that can read your form and parse out 3 different messages. This VBScript Sub named OUTLOOK_MAIL should send out one message. You can call it three times from your script. It will only work if they have IE 4.X or higher and Outlook 97 or higher installed. <BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="VBScript"><BR>Sub OUTLOOK_MAIL(s_subject, s_body, s_mailto)<BR>&#039Create Outlook Object<BR>Set App = CreateObject("Outlook.Application")<BR>Set MyNameSpace = App.GetNameSpace("MAPI")<BR>MyNameSpace.Logon<BR>< BR>&#039Send Mail Message<BR>Set MailFolder = MyNameSpace.GetDefaultFolder(4)<BR>Set MailItem = MailFolder.Items.Add<BR>MailItem.Subject = s_Subject<BR> = s_mailto<BR>mailItem.body = s_body<BR>MailItem.Send<BR><BR>End Sub<BR>&#060;/script>

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    Solution Guest

    Default Question: Printing from a Web Page so that the bottom part is not cut off

    Is there a way to set the printing page option from the Web Page so that if you print from the browser, the bottom part is not cut off( say for a 8.5 by 11 size), instead those lines are transferred to the next page just like MS Word.<BR><BR>When I tried, most of the bottom last line disappeared and it was not even continued on the next page.<BR><BR>My USERS may need to print the page from the Browser. So If I can set some variables in the page so that pages appear properly after printing.<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance!!!<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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