I have a SQL6.5 database on my ISP server. I want to make changes to my code, but since this is a live site and I have a tendency to not write perfect code the first time, I don&#039t want to test with this real data. I would like to put this database on my test machine at my desk. (The coder who wrote this left in the middle of the night with no known backup) From what I can figure out, I can&#039t really copy the database without stopping it and I would rather not listen to my ISP telling me that they don&#039t have the time to help me. Is there some way I can import this. I have both 6.5 and 7 local. Can I move it to Access and then upsize it? And how do I get the SQL? I realize I am showing my ignorance, but I can&#039t find any answers in the Microsoft books.<BR>Thanks for any help.