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    Nurice Guest

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    As usual, something I thought would be easy turned out difficult.<BR>I am trying to assign 3 roommates to a user by a given code they recieve upon signup. Right now, I&#039m trying to find them in the database. In the code below, &#039decidorm&#039 basically tells you what house, and gender, etc, and match it to the others. the last digit is your specific number out of 3. I know there is a more efficient way for this code, but there are errors in this code to begin with. How can I fix it?<BR><BR> objRec.MoveFirst<BR> ObjRec.Find "Dorm = " & decidorm & "1"<BR> Response.Cookies("Online")("Roommate1") = objRec("name")<BR> objRec.MoveFirst<BR> ObjRec.Find "Dorm = " & decidorm & "2"<BR> Response.Cookies("Online")("Roommate2") = objRec("name")<BR> objRec.MoveFirst<BR> ObjRec.Find "Dorm = " & decidorm & "3"<BR> Response.Cookies("Online")("Roommate3") = objRec("name")<BR><BR>Why won&#039t this work?<BR>-Nurice

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    schnookums Guest

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    Hi Nurice,<BR><BR>I am not sure I understand the question... it looks like all you are doing is looking up some info in a recordset and then assigning it to a user&#039s cookies. Is that what you want it to do?<BR><BR>

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    Nurice Guest

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    More or less, you got it right. When they sign up, they are given a systematic code, and when they log in, I want to assign their names to a cookie on the user&#039s machine for quick future reference. Hope this information helps...<BR>-Nurice

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    Nurice Guest

    Default I would really appreciate an answer here....

    Although someone did ask me to clarify, it probably gave the impression my question was answered. Just making the messageboard aware that I still require help! Thank you for any assistance-<BR>-Nurice

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