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    Sgt Sack Guest

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    I am stuck trying to find a tutorial or help in making a user information profile page. One that visitors can place thier information in and have it displayed when page is loaded. Client side editable and stored on the server. Info like ICQ#, Favorite game and so on. Any Suggestions??? Please??? Very confused on what that page is called and how to go about making one...<BR><BR>Thanks, Chris G

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    Toni Guest

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    A not so pretty, but easy solution:<BR>take one of the forum/message boards and rename the fields or create some additional fields... then craete another page that would allow changes to the db fields.. I would recommend a password system, otherwise it would be too easy to change info on other peoples&#039 profiles...

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    Sgt Sack Guest

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    I have been trying to get it going, I am not a scripting/coding guru by no means, but I am willing to learn(and want to) Thanks for the Help.<BR>The other page you refered to Would also be an ASP? On the Client side, a page to edit the table on the server? (Post and Get commands?)<BR>I am just trying to get it straight in my head and understand it, rather than copy/paste code. <BR>Thank you so much, once more...<BR>Chris G.

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    I&#039ve done exactly what you are trying to do on an intranet<BR><BR>First time user visits a site a welcome page is displayed and a profile entry screen. This is done by using ASP code to check for a site cookie.<BR><BR>Once the profile details are input from a form they are posted to an ASP page which then updates an MS Access database which contains one simple "users" table with all the necessary info in it (including a user password)<BR><BR>When the Access record has been written the cookie is set just with some simple bits of info, mainly the key which is required to lookup the user details later.<BR><BR>If it is not the first time a user has visited the site (i.e. the cookie exists) then the site home page is displayed stright away. On this home page there is an option to change the user profile. When this link is clicked on a new browser popup window is opened with some ASP that checks the cookie and using the user key details retrieves the record from Access. These values are then used to populate a form in which the user can make amendments. I have added validation to this such that nothing can be changed unless the user provides the correct password. Once the password is given the details are posted to another ASP page which then makes the amendments to the database and redirects to a page which displays a simple "amendments made message" with a "continue" button, which then closes the popup window when clicked.<BR><BR>I think this concept is fairly strightforward, if there are any bits of code you need any help with (ASP or client script) then feel free contact me at<BR><BR><BR>

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