Type Mismatch: 'UNBOUND'

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Thread: Type Mismatch: 'UNBOUND'

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    Default Type Mismatch: 'UNBOUND'

    Does any one know what this means? I am new to this and am trying to figure this one out. I get this error when i go to my shopping cart page on my online store.<BR><BR>Thanks!@!!!

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    Default RE: Type Mismatch: 'UNBOUND'

    Can you post the source asp where the error occurs? You&#039ll get a better response if you can keep it brief and clearly indicate the line of code that gives the error.<BR><BR>Possibly a typo for UBOUND(.. ? Hard to say.

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    Default Hard to tell w/o code..

    But your probablly trying to use a string value where a numeric value is required.<BR><BR>HTH

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