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    Victor Tai Guest

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    I want to take data from the database, how to detect if a specific field is empty. Say I have a recordset, I need to detect wheather "name" field is empty, following code din&#039t work:<BR><BR>IF recordset("name") = "" THEN<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE "NO NAME"<BR>ELSE<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE "HAVE NAME"<BR>END IF<BR><BR>The code always go to "Have Name"<BR>Any idea?<BR>Thanks<BR><BR>vic

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    sm549 Guest

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    There are different ways.<BR><BR>If Trim(recordset("name")) = ""<BR><BR>If "" & recordset("name") = ""<BR><BR>My fav is Trim.<BR><BR>HIH

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