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Thread: registering many times by way of script

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    I have a registration form, that some one has built a vb program that allows them to sign up many time at once. How can I stop this?

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    You&#039ll have to be a bit more specific... but the first thing that comes to mind is to set a cookie (called, say, "registered") that contains the date they registered the first time. Then, your script can check for that cookie before starting the form and, if it exists, tell the user that they have already registered on &#039this date&#039.<BR><BR>Also, I assume your form checks for duplicate entries based on some piece of data. I often use email address, since that should always be unique. I would recommend AGAINST any scenario using the IP address of the client, however. For one thing, it is possible for several hundreds (or even thousands) of users to all have the same IP address (based on firewalls at ISP&#039s, corporations, etc.). Also, AOL users will constantly come at your site with different IP addresses being reported, oftentimes even in the same session (!)<BR><BR>I hope this helps some!

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