FIRST QUESTION: I am using a search using a recordset.SetSQLText command on the click of a button. The search is working, but if there are multiple pages of a grid, instead of going through the pages of the search results, it resets all to the original values and goes to page 2 of original values, not the search results. How do I fix this? Also is there anyway to set up the vbscript to execute the search when I hit the ENTER key?<BR>SECOND QUESTION: I am finding that creating a table from a recordset is much better than using a grid for certain database data. However, I am unsure how to get the same navigation and funtionality out of a created table. For instance, how do I only display say 5 records, then allow to page forward to another 5 and so on until it is finished? Also, is there anything similar to grid.Anchor that I can use in a table?<BR><BR>Any And All Help Is Very Much Appreciated!<BR>Josh