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    I have an array of data, and I want to upload this information is to a database.<BR><BR>What is the fastest way ?<BR><BR>A loop of:<BR> Insert into [Table] ([Fields]) Values ([Values])<BR><BR>Or can I do the whole lot in one go?

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    Is this a multidimensional array and if so how many dimensions does it have?<BR><BR>Secondly, if you loop an insert statement (providing that you execute it in the loop too) then you are going to have that many new rows of data, so if you want only 1 new row u can&#039t loop the statement.. you can however loop the building of the statement..<BR><BR>please provide more specific info and i will try to help<BR><BR>- James

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    This is just a simple 2 dimensional array, Rows and Columns.<BR><BR>The same as an Excel spreadsheet.<BR><BR>I want to take the rows and change them to records.

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