Copying dynamic session arrays to local variables

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Thread: Copying dynamic session arrays to local variables

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    I&#039m building a site that logs a user on, creates session level arrays and populates them with the &#039accounts&#039 the user has access to. I want to display these in a pick list on another page, but I&#039m having trouble (re)dim-ing the arrays locally.<BR><BR>My current un-code looks something like this:<BR>dim i<BR>i = session("TotalFunds") &#039*****(THIS IS THE NUMBER OF ELEMENTS IN THE ARRAY)<BR>dim locAccountName(i)<BR>dim locAccountNumber(i)<BR>locAccountName = session("AccountNames")<BR>locAccountNumber = session("AccountNumbers")<BR><BR><BR>I will be forever in the debt of the person who can help me out with this!

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    for a log in type system why don&#039t you use a relational type database (type thing) instead.. ie: next to their user id and pass there is a list of what they are allowed access to...<BR><BR>i try to never go over using one session in any application.. heck u can build your own type of `session`<BR><BR>anyways to answer your question do the following:<BR><BR>Dim arrayname() &#039no number inside the ()<BR>Dim x<BR><BR>For x = 0 to sessionmaxwhatever<BR> ReDim PRESERVE arrayname(x)<BR><BR> arrayname(x) = yournewvalue<BR>Next<BR><BR>i hope that gives you an idea of how to maipulate arrays.. i think u need to be more specific about what u want

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