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    i have to build a site for the importation of cars from europe<BR>im new to asp can anyone advise me on how to go about it. also would i need to upgrade win 98 to win2k. i have pws and access 2000 but i heard i would need to write for sql servers. i also will be using a proxy isp server

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    Hello. Buy "ASP 3.0 in 21 days" from SAMS.<BR>If you are going to sell buy "E-commerce asp in 21 days".<BR><BR>I suggest that you should upgrade to Win2000. Service Pack 1 is available and I see no reason why you should install NT4.<BR>Except if you want more troubles in your head!<BR>You have remote access to the server or it&#039s beside you?<BR><BR>A good thing would be that you should install with Win2000, the IIS 4 or 5 version, and SQL server 7.0<BR>

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