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Thread: ASP pages not working but HTML does

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    I&#039m desperately in need of help - this is doing my head in!!!!<BR><BR>Ok I&#039ve read all the posts I can find about this and the error<BR>"HTTP 500 - Internal server error ", but it&#039s not solved my problem.<BR><BR>I&#039ve been running PWS as a development intranet site for quite a while and everything works as it should, there&#039s a mixture of asp pages and straightforward HTML.<BR><BR>Now I&#039m moving files on up to the corporate intranet server non of the asp pages work at all and I get the HTTP 500 error. I am reliably informed that the server does support asp.<BR><BR>I&#039ve also been sent an excerpt from the MS web site and it appears that this may be something to do with how I am publishing the files, unfortuantely I do not entirely understand what it is saying!(<BR><BR>So far the only thing I can do is use explorer to simply copy files to a mapped network drive which is the intranet server - fine for HTML, but not asp. I cannot get the "web Publishing Wizard" to work as a connection method to the server cannot be identified.<BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>

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    You shouldn&#039t need to use the web publishing wizard - I&#039ve always done deployment using simple file copy or FTP. Make sure that your live server is running IIS 4.0 and that "Script Execute" access is allowed.<BR><BR>Dunc

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