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    Hello,<BR> I am getting the value from database and displaying it in a table. In mean time i am storing the same value in a hidden field to carry that value to next page.<BR> here in hidden field it holds on the first word of the value leaving the other words, for ex:- if the real value is "PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE", it holds only PROGRAMMING ,but while showing in html table it shows both the words.<BR> i am not able to figureout the reason, can anyone help me?<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR>Keerthi

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    &nbsp;<BR>Encode your &#039Value&#039 by using:<BR>Value = Server.URLEncode (Value)<BR>... before you put the value into your hidden field. This puts pluses (+) where there were spaces previously.<BR><BR>On the page you passed the vale to use:<BR>Replace("Value", "+", " ")<BR>... to replace pluses with spaces again.<BR><BR>There maybe is an easier way but that&#039s how I&#039ve done it.<BR><BR>

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