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    hungry m Guest

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    For my login page I check a password against one in a database,<BR>if it fits, I redirect the user to the welcome page like this:<BR><BR> Response.redirect ("welcome.asp")<BR><BR>This same thing works fine for html pages, however if I use this for a wml page, when the password fits, I just get an &#039object moved error&#039.<BR><BR>I notice none of the ASP/WAP tutorials I have seen use this method which I find a bit weired, can you not do this with WAP?<BR><BR>(I haven&#039t tried this with a real WAP phone, just using the emulator thing at wapsilon.com and also the one at wapdrive.com, so maybe this is where the problem is. The page is served from ewebcity.com)<BR><BR>Thanks in advance if any one has any knowledge on this, hm<BR><BR>

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    Using response.redirect send and HTTP 302 status code - this is the "Object moved " status. Most browsers just use the redirect to go straight to the new location, but some don&#039t. The behaviour of Response.Redirect is browser-dependant.<BR><BR>As a workaround, instead of sending a Response.Redirect try sending some WMLScript to get the browser to navigate to the new page. I don&#039t knwo the syntax of the top of my head but I&#039m sure it can be done...<BR><BR>Dunc

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    Darren Blackett Guest

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    Are you setting the content type to wml before you try the redirect? This causes problems!

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    dootz Guest

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    Try doing a response.clear before you do response.redirect("Welcome.asp")<BR><BR>I find this usually fixes any Object Moved errors that may occur when the client is behind a proxy server. This may also fix your issue.<BR><BR>Let us know!

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