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    hi guys,<BR><BR>i&#039m using cdonts for my web-based app. i develope using asp and my web server is iis4.0 reside ont nt4. the email will be send out via an asp page to another machine that have been installed with exchange server. i installed smtp server on my iis machine using nt option pack4<BR><BR>my problem is, it took at least half a day to reach the recipient..... eventhough it&#039s within the same lan and domain... compare to cdo that i used last time, the speed with cdo is almost real time... what can go wrong?<BR><BR>guide me please.... ok?<BR>thanks in advance!

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    SMPT is like that. It&#039s not designed for speed but reliability - it will get there eventually but it may take a while. If time is critical then email isn&#039t the answer.<BR><BR>As for why, I don&#039t actually know...<BR><BR>Dunc

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