Using ObjectContext in IIS 5.0 ??

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Thread: Using ObjectContext in IIS 5.0 ??

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    Jeff F Guest

    Default Using ObjectContext in IIS 5.0 ??

    Situation: Building a VB ActiveX Component for use in an ASP page.<BR><BR>In IIS 4, you were able to add a reference to the Microsoft Transaction Server Type Library which gave you access to the ObjectContext object and the GetObjectContext method. You could use these to access the ASP built in objects from the calling page.<BR><BR>I just upgraded to Win2K and MS has decided to replace MTS with COM+. Okay fine, but now my .dlls won&#039t compile b/c there is no MTS Type Library (that I can find). When we went from IIS 3.0 (and the ScriptingContext) to IIS 4 (and GetObjectContext), we had a similar issue.<BR><BR>So whats the trick this time? Any ideas?

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    Jeff F Guest

    Default Problem solved

    I found this post in another thread... <BR><BR>"You need to reference the &#039COM+ Services Type Library&#039. This is the COM+ equivalent to the MTS type library. Then you need to change your MTxAS.ObjectContext to be MSVCSLib.ObjectContext. "

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