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    sheetal Guest

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    my session_onstart event is firing and it is inserting the values properly into the database,<BR><BR>but the Session_onend event is not firing<BR> . normally its not working. <BR> . even after setting the timeout property to 3 minutes also its not working<BR><BR>evrything event in the Global.asa file r working properly except<BR><BR>the Session_Onend<BR>and the Application_onend<BR><BR><BR>can anyone please help me

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    Ritesh Guest

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    The problems with Session_OnEnd are quite common. It may not fire properly even after the session expires, so its always advisable to alter the coding style to avoid using it. You may need to write your code in some other way. What exactly are you trying to do when session ends?

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    sheetal Guest

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    when the session ends i am inserting the time session time and the user ip into the database.

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