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Thread: JMail error ' 8000ffff'. Pls help

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    nath Guest

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    I am using JMail component to send Emails. I am using PWS on Windows95. I installed winsock2 (downloaded from microsoft site also). But I have included the code to send the Emails and also the error messgage I get. Pls suggest me if I am doing something wrong.<BR>&#060;%<BR>set JMail = Server.CreateObject("JMail.SMTPMail")<BR>JMail.Log ging = true<BR>JMail.ServerAddress = "mail.bnath001:25"<BR>JMail.Sender = ""<BR>JMail.Subject = "Om Venkateswaraaya namaha.."<BR>JMail.AddRecipient ""<BR>ASP JMail Code:<BR>&#060;%<BR>JMail.Priority = 1<BR>JMail.Body = "Okay"<BR><BR>If Not JMail.Execute then<BR> Response.Write (JMail.Log)<BR>else<BR> Response.Write ("Mail sent successfully")<BR>end if<BR>%&#062;<BR>Error:<BR>jmail.SMTPMail error &#039 8000ffff&#039 <BR><BR>The message was undeliverable. All servers failed to receive the message .execute() { Trying server mail:mail.bnath001:25 mail.bnath001:25 failed with the message: "SOCKET ERROR: Host not found" No socket for server. ConnectToServer() 1 of 1 servers failed <BR>

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    TheSync Guest

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    Make sure the server your are sending mail to will allow you to send mail to it without sending you L/P to it.. if your server doesn&#039t allow relaying or routing then you will need to add ur IP address to the server.. I usually get this error when the server i use to send the mail doesn&#039t allow relaying... <BR>TheSync

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