k.. I have an html file with a form.. it validates everything entered and then calls an asp which supposedly is adding the data to an access .mdb .. but it just sits there and then the progress meter stops half way accross in the status line.. and then I go to see if the data was added to the .mdb and it isn&#039t.<BR><BR>I&#039m really frustrated because I&#039m new to this ASP/vbscript stuff.. and it is so simple that it is hard for some reason.. please, if someone could tell me why it just sits there and doesn&#039t give me an error... "btw.. the debugging worked fine, and all IE5 options are set up properly, and there are no errors... it is just something wrong in relation to when it saves... I&#039m just wondering if anyone has had this problem before of it seeming to work, then just stopping and doing nothing, and not adding anything to the database... i&#039m real mad.. please help.. thanks..