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    Mike Sandua Guest

    Default $18/hr revisited

    I want to agree with people who do not like to outsource to India. First and foremost, the code is not as good. Secondary, if it takes a team of 2 people here in the US to do a project, it would take a team of 5 in India. So you have to multiply <BR>the hourly rate by 5. <BR>The code we&#039ve gotten from India is hard to maintain and for any changes we have to send it back which cost us more money as those people renegotiated their rates. <BR>Thirdly, if you need to add a minor change, you just come to your in-house programmer and ask him to. If you outsource, you need to create new requirements, drawings etc.<BR><BR>Russian programmers are not better neither. The code looks somewhat better but they require some money in advance and <BR>we lost some to people who took our money and disappeared.<BR><BR>I am sure there are many positive stories about outsourcing. In my experience, it is just not worth the effort.<BR>

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    Tanuj Malik Guest

    Default @@WHY SHOUT-TRY FIRST&&&

    Hi Friends,<BR>I am same guy who put this posting here It was not to hurt anyone.We are very disappointed that people are making all sorts of stories that in this rate we cannot do it.Instead give us work and see how we perform it.<BR>"TRY IT BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING" is our message<BR>Thanks<BR>Tanuj Malik<BR>tanujmalik@usa.net<BR>ICQ-30724000

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    Dinasaur Guest

    Default People here need work

    First give the work to the people HERE who need work and see how THEY perform it and stop the age discrimination. Also, if companies can outsource important programs halfway around the world, why can&#039t they outsource same to some poor US citizen who can do a good job but cannot afford to live any where near the cornfield glass-box monstrosities and quit forcing them to give up most of their leisure time to ridiculously long commutes. Whatever happened to "telecommuting, the wave of the future"? I guess that is only for non-US citizens.

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