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    is there some way to simulate pressing F11 key using VBScript?

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    Markkk Guest

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    The F11 key is a client-side action. So, you can&#039t use VB Script on server-side.<BR><BR>You may, or may not, inact the F11 key on the client using either VBScript or JavaScript client-side.<BR><BR>I invite other responses.

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    If you&#039re making an application for the Internet, no-go. You have no control over the objects (I&#039m assuming you want to maximize the screen).<BR><BR>However, if you&#039re using an Intranet, you can write a VBScript program that creates the IE object. Then, you have full blown access over everything... toolbars, screen size, etc. The list of properties of IE are on MS&#039 website.<BR><BR>Now, what is the big deal? Going through the trouble of making your own instance of IE, or trust users enough that if they want to scroll, they&#039ll scroll. Plus, depending on how many people you distribute this to, may cause a maintenance nightmare.

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