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    Ben Roy Guest

    Default Uploading files

    Two questions. Is it possible to do this without using a component? Can anyone recommend a component that they have actually used?

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    Not that I know of and there are lots of good ones at www.aspin.com

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    Ritesh Guest

    Default Try SAFileUpload component

    This is available free at www.15seconds.com<BR>I&#039ve been using it satisfactorily for quite a time.

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    Yes, It possible to upload files with Pure VBScript.<BR>There is an article on http://www.asptoday.com on how to achieve this and if you don&#039t have the patience to read it all, then there is a ready made script from PSTRUH site which is more robust and freeware of all.<BR>Also there are lot of free components listed at http://www.aspfee.com .<BR>I have used a component from www.aspsmart.com , it is wonderful.<BR><BR>Go there and enjoy<BR><BR> Good Luck

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