I would like to have input on how some of you have tracked submitted query<BR>criteria. I currently have a logging routine that gathers standard variables<BR>such as user IP, page requested, session ID, etc. I would also like to gather<BR>criteria submitted by the user for searches, etc. What have some of you done? <BR>It seems pretty straight forward if I am using the querystring collection,<BR>since I can dump the contents. But each page may have a differing amount of<BR>criteria to be submitted, especially if text boxes are being used. The logging<BR>routine currently writes to a text file, so additional "fields" can be added on<BR>the fly.<BR><BR>Is it feasible to concatenate one big criteria string, including the variable<BR>name and value, separate the variables by a carat or other "nonstandard"<BR>delimiter, and then parse it when analyzing the clicks, or is there a better<BR>way? <BR><BR>MTIA, Steve<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>