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Thread: Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    how can i destroy session variables, not killing the session, and not setting them to null.

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    Try to just overwrite them or just replace them.<BR>Session("firstvar")= luis<BR>&#039then on next go round<BR><BR>Session("firstvar")=

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    suz Guest

    Default i give up

    sorry, that would defeat the whole purpose, i am trying to get rid of them so they do not slow down processing time...

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    Default RE: i give up


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    SUZ Guest

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    doesnt session.abandon kill the whole session? i want to keep the session alive but eliminate the session variables that are no longer needed...

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    SUZ Guest

    Default BILL W or Duncan King?

    I am trying to drop session variables that are no longer needed without actually ending the session. i dont want to set them to null because they will then still be wasting system resources, right? nobody seems to know how to do this. any help would be appreciated

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    Steve Cimino Guest

    Default RE: BILL W or Duncan King?

    Why are you so concerned with this? Are you worried about this little bit of overhead for a reason? Personally, if you have the room to use them in the first place, let them be.<BR><BR>Set them to empty, null, empty string, or whatever. However, if you&#039re worried about this overhead, you should be worried about the extra code crunching on the processor to release these.<BR><BR>

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    Phil Michaels Guest

    Default RE: BILL W or Duncan King?

    i think there is a contents.remove you could use

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    Hans Christian Anderson Guest

    Default RE: BILL W or Duncan King?

    I think there are restrictions when using that method during runtime

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    Default Removing session values

    You can&#039t get rid of Session values with IIS 3 or IIS 4. I *think* that IIS 5 introduces this capability.<BR><BR>Setting a "variable" to null (or just to a zero value or just to TRUE or FALSE) saves as much as you can of system resources. <BR><BR>Don&#039t fret it. Unless you have a *REALLY* busy site, this isn&#039t that big an issue.<BR><BR>NOTE: Session "variables" are *NOT* variables, at all. They are just key/value pairs in a hashtable/collection (similar to a Scripting.Dictionary, but done right). So until you get a hashtable/collection that supports a "Delete" operation, the best you can do is change the value of the key/value pair to something taking minimal space.

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