I was hoping someone could help me. I am not experienced in ASP at all, although i have just ordered a book so i can learn it. I currently run a website called Gamers Army. It is for the game Grand Theft Auto. I need an advanced way for users to submit their own custom cars (this entails 1 roughly 64x64 .gif, 1 .zip file (very small), and their name, and their car name).<BR>I need them to upload the .gif and .zip to my website (into a specific dir) and have everything sent to an Administration Panel.<BR>At this administration panel Administrators login choose to either "Review New Cars" or "Modify Current Reviews". When they review new cars all cars that have been submitted show up laid straight down the page with all the information sent to them listed AND a 2 blank spaces. 1 to write out a short review and one to write out a rating of the car (0-100).<BR>After all the reviews are written for the set of cars not reviewed the admin clicks "Submit" and the cars appear on the page.<BR>The ASP limits each page to only 50 Reviews per page. It lists and creates new pages numerically (cars1.asp(or .shtml),cars2.asp,etc).<BR>IUt also has an index page (cars.shtml) Where it lists a link to each page of 50 reviews.<BR>If possible i&#039d also want a download tracker on each car&#039s .zip as well.<BR><BR>If anyone can help me or show me something that does what i want PLEASE email me at teknics@3dactionplanet.com or post a reply here.<BR><BR>PLEASE help me i&#039ll find a way to repay if someone actually writes this customized for me.<BR>Thanks,<BR>Kevin Kowal