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    Portrman Guest

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    In one of my fields in my access database, I use a lookup to populate the possible choices. But when I try to access the value of the field in my asp code a numerical value is returned, which techicnally is correct because the field is numberic. But how do I access the actually data from the lookup. Thanks :-)<BR>P.S. I am a newbie to access and asp, and is this even the right forum?<BR>portrman@hotmail.com

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    Markkk Guest

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    I have had so many problems with Access data field that were setup using the "Lookup Wizard". The "Lookup Wizard" works great in the native Access environment; but gives me great problems with trying to query the datafields using ADO.<BR><BR>The major problem I had was that Queries performed in the Access environment displayed the Lookup vaue rather than the Lookuup index. When ASP script called this query via ADO, the integer values were passed, not the lookup values.<BR><BR>I have had so many problems that I eliminated (and prohibit) the use of any "Lookup" fields in all my web-connected Access databases.<BR><BR>When you write your SQL Statement, you will probably have to JOIN the indexed fields from both tables. &nbsp;Something like:<BR><BR>SELECT Table1.LookupFieldIndex, Table2.LookupFieldText FROM Table1, Table2 WHERE Table1.LookupFieldIndex = Table2.LookupFieldIndex<BR><BR>If you can, I suggest eliminating the Lookup fields from your Access database. &nbsp;You may have to redo some of your Access Queries, Forms and Reports, but it will save you some grief when you write your ASP.<BR><BR>If any easier method exists, I invite other responses.

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