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    Venkatesh Seshadri Guest

    Default Cookie not destroying in Netscape..

    I set a cookie, which should die when the user exists the browser. This is happening fine in IE when the user closes the browser either by clicking the "X" close button or file -&#062; close.<BR><BR>But from Netscape, the cookie is removed only when the user chooses file -&#062; exit. It is still alive with the user closes the broswer by clicking the "X" close button..<BR><BR>Can anyone please help me how to fix this?<BR><BR>Thanx in advance..<BR>Venkatesh<BR><BR>

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    EDG Guest

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    Are you looking to have the cookie die when the user closes the /program/, or when he closes the /browser window/?<BR><BR>IE, while acting as a single program with multiple windows, actually treats each window as a separate instance of the program. (Notice how, unlike almost every other Windows program available, IE does NOT have a way to easily close each of its windows - whether File &#062; Exit or otherwise.) By closing an IE window, you&#039re effectively closing the session that that window was running, and thus removing any cookies that might have been set.<BR><BR>On the other hand, you have Netscape. It&#039s a more traditional program, in that you can close windows without closing the program, or you can easily kill the program from any window through File &#062; Exit. Netscape only destroys cookies when the /program/ is closed... not individual windows.<BR><BR>-EDG<BR> who, without meaning to implicate anybody in particular, is tired of seeing Netscape bashed for doing things the way they&#039re /supposed/ to be done

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