Redirect on Server (Down) Error - is it possible?

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Thread: Redirect on Server (Down) Error - is it possible?

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    Default Redirect on Server (Down) Error - is it possible?

    I checked my script today and was greeted with the ASP error on the line where the code fell over. Turns out the ISP server was down. This looks kinda ugly and unprofessional and the error wasn&#039t my fault so:<BR><BR>Is there any way to redirect to a default page on encountering a processing error? I looked into the On Error Resume Next but can&#039t see a way to use this to point to the call procedure...<BR><BR>Any hints or advice gratefully received.

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    The "server not working" page is managed at the server itself. <BR>--==The following code is pue theory and has not been tested==--<BR>You might try something like this:<BR>On error resume next<BR>if err.number &#060;&#062; 0 then<BR>response.redirect("Sompage.html")<BR>end if<BR>The err object is set to something other than zero when there is a problem. Theoretically, this should work.<BR><BR>

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