hello <BR>i am very new when it comes to asp/pws etc etc and i&#039m having a bit of trouble getting started.<BR>first things first - i need PWS to author ASP pages cos i use win95, this is correct yeah?<BR>ok, i&#039ve downloaded the PWS program from the nice people @ microsoft and then tried to install it. i kept getting a box that says "Winsock2 is required for this installation - click OK"<BR>i wasn&#039t sure if i had that installed so i downloaded that and installed it anyway - Success!<BR>but, i&#039ve tried again to install PWS and it keeps coming up with this same error - can anyone show me what i&#039m doing wrong?<BR><BR>just to let you know i&#039m on a Network - is there anything i need to tweak??<BR><BR>cheers in advance<BR>Graham