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    we have the dtabase in SQL server and the com components are written in VC++/c++ we use ASP as frontend. we display the stock quotes from the database in the web page. twe want to refresh the small portion of the page where the quote changes. the page is diaplyed with rows and columns. we want he columns to be refreshed automatically when the updation is done int he database<BR>can u give a good soluton for this? this is very urgent. we do not want to refresh the whole page only the part that gets updated! please clear this

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    1. You can&#039t force the browser to refresh from the server.<BR>2. You can&#039t refresh part of a page - it&#039s all or nothing.<BR><BR>You could make that part of the page a frame, and refresh every x seconds using a META refresh. That&#039s the best you can do.<BR><BR>Dunc

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