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Thread: Passing recordset object between pages

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    Parul Agarwal Guest

    Default Passing recordset object between pages

    If I have to pass a recordset object between pages and I don&#039t want to use application and session variables then what should I do? Kindly help me.

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    Mike Westmacott Guest

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    Hmmm. I was gonna say use a session variable...<BR>OK. It&#039ll be naff but it&#039ll work...<BR>Create a form on your page (or use an exisiting one) with enough hidden input boxes in it for all your fields.<BR>Then place the contents of the fields into these inputs, you can do this serverside with<BR>&#060;INPUT type="hidden" value="&#060;%=strField1%&#062;" name="Field1"&#062;<BR>and you can set it clientside with<BR>frmForm1.Field1.value="I&#039m a happy field"<BR><BR>If you&#039ve got strings with "&#039s in then you&#039ll have fun...<BR><BR>Then submit the form to the appropriate page, and request all the fields you need. <BR>

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