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    ours is a site called a site for games puzzels).In this site we award tickles(virtual currency)which can be exchanged at for goodies.<BR> our PROBLEM is .In the quiz section a paticular user can log only once for that day i.e he gets only one chance to answer the questions of the day.But people have open different(N)accounts and they play the quiz N number of times.<BR> we want to restrict the same users from creating more than one account at our site or if he has created he should not be able to log in.<BR> please reply. If this topic does not come under your topic please give me some reference sites where i can get the answers<BR> my Email-id is<BR> ---------------------------------

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    I don&#039t think you can prevent this. You could require that people supply a unique, verifiable email address to create an account, but they can still create loads of acounts using different email addresses. You could write a cookie, but that won&#039t stop them from (a) using more than one machine or (b) deleting the cookie.<BR><BR>Basically there is no way to tell who is actually sitting at the keyboard (not until someone gets the biometrics stuff on stream...)<BR><BR>Dunc

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