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    I am having trouble specifying a wildcard character within one of my pages. What is the proper syntax?...Please help, Thank You!<BR><BR>for example..<BR>&#060;% If CmdListUsers("PRIORITY") = "***CRITICAL" Then %&#062;

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    Default What language are you used to?

    #1: This is VBScript, not VB.<BR><BR>#2: There aren&#039t any wildcard characters. You&#039ll have to find another way to do it.<BR><BR>#3: Okay, you *could* learn about "Regular Expressions." They are a real pain in VBS and I&#039d suggest...<BR><BR>Try the functions InStr, Left, Right, Mid, etc.<BR><BR>For your specific example, you *might* get away with:<BR><BR>&#060;% If Mid( CmdListUsers("PRIORITY"), 4) = "CRITICAL" Then %&#062; <BR><BR>where I assume you were trying to use * as a one-character wildcard.<BR><BR>If you meant "find CRITICAL anywere in that value", then you&#039d want<BR><BR>&#060;% If InStr( CmdListUsers("PRIORITY"), "CRITICAL" ) &#062; 0 Then %&#062; <BR><BR>

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