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    Manoj Guest

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    Hi Guys !<BR> I trying to initialize a Com object in my ASP page .<BR>It is a remote host Server Connectivity COM object with <BR>initialize as one of the function which accepts tcp/ip ,port no etc .,which works fine .<BR>It has got One more Fuction As sendRequest which accepts two <BR>i/p parameter and sends three o/p parameter..i have taken care of the i/p and o/p parameter datatype.<BR>here on this line i get a type mismatch error<BR>somebody told me that VBscript cannot handle more than one o/p parameter. Is it right .....<BR>I can&#039t figure out why initialize method which gives out one o/p parameter works fine but sendrequest method which gives out 3 o/p parameter gives me TYPE MISMATCH error...<BR><BR>Can Somebody Throw Light On this Issue...<BR><BR>Thanks In Advance..<BR>Manoj V

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    Steve Cimino Guest

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    If you&#039re writing COM in VB, make sure you are passing in all variables BYVAL.<BR><BR>Secondly, if you have more than one return spec, set your function to a Variant type and send an array back.

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